Help Cats R Us through Pandemic

Please Help Save Cats R Us click this link to go to our go fund me page.

Coronavirus has had a huge impact on small charities who unlike the large charities cant launch huge fundraising campaigns with paid advertising , don't benefit from rate relief or staff furlough because we don't have paid staff only unpaid volunteers.

No fundraising events means no funds and Cats r us has also had to close its small fundraising store as couldn't afford overheads.

Cats R Us has a strict no destroy policy and are left with a lot of very difficult to home cats either because of their health or behaviour problems and all still have to be fed and vet treated regularly, volunteers feeding them and the feral colonies we support are doing so out of their own pockets as funds are so low.

Sadly if no funds come in then Cats R Us may have to close completely which would be devastating for the local area cats.

Please consider making even a small donation to help this charity keep going.

Since 1998 Cats R us has been helping cats even fighting Toys R Us for their name 

See some of the rescue successes here  there are many more too.


What does Cats R Us do?     

We are a Registered Charity Number 1158022

We take in vulnerable, sick, injured, often distressed cats and kittens, we rehabilitate Socialise get any necessary vet  treatment and prepare for new homes.

Our extensive experience means we are often able to save and nurse back to health cats/kittens where the prognosis has not been good. We work closely with other rescue charities both national and local.

We do not take in unwanted pets but on some occasions if you are looking to rehome your cat we may be able to help.

We support local feral colonies by supplying food and making sure they are fed 365 days of the year.

We are quite strict in our adoption choices as these cats deserve the best quality forever homes. 

Cats available for adoption are usually posted on our Cat Chat Rehoming Page and our  Facebook Page

Please Note we do not have a rehoming centre and all cats and kittens are cared for by volunteer fosterers at their home therefore viewings are by appointment only.

How can you help?

More and more homeless and abandoned cats need our help - could you help us to help them?

Direct Debit or one off Donations via bank transfer can be made to CATS R US Sort Code 20-09-44 Acct Nos:93872971

or donate via paypal 

Maybe you would like to send a gift from our Amazon Wishlist

We receive no government funding and rely totally on donations  naturally monetary donations always most desperately needed but other things help too such as  donating food, Bedding  things to  raffle or tombola or to sell in our fundraising stalls  every little really does help, 50p in our  collecting  tin it all goes  towards cat food etc.

You can donate part of or all of a sale on eBay through eBay for charity scheme.

Simply by searching the web through our easy search link can raise us funds.

You can shop online and raise funds for us too

We can all help make a difference!

"My doctrine is this, that if we see 
cruelty or wrong that we have the 
power to stop, and do nothing, we 
make ourselves sharers in the guilt." 
— Anna Sewell

To help needy cats
". . . we call them dumb animals, and so they are, for they cannot tell us how they feel, but they do not suffer less because they have no words."
— Anna Sewell

Cats R Us works alongside National Charities and many small individual rescues to help as many Stray, Feral, Street Cats as possible.
Without any government funding Cats R Us relies entirely on donations and funds raised through various fundraising activities throughout the year.

Our small band of volunteers are pushed to the limits. We do our very best to help as many cats and kittens as we can, it upsets us greatly that there are more and more needing help and that there are so many irresponsible owners who assume/expect a charity to sort out their over population problem so please Neuter your Cat! We don't have a re homing Centre, all cats/kittens are cared for by Volunteers. We have to raise funds to cover the cost of helping all our cats and kittens. Vet Bills are high and funds are always low. 

Please Neuter Your Cat!
It is the only way to stop feline overpopulation, kittens can be neutered from 4mths of age.
Stray Cats

So when does a Stray become yours and your responsibility ?? Believe it or not I have had calls from people to help rehome strays they have been feeding for years, so I ask myself how long does it take before a Stray becomes the responsibility of the person who is feeding it? I mean they feed the stray everyday and even watch kittens arrive year after year but don't class the problem as theirs as it wasn't their cat in the beginning.

They could have chose to get the stray neutered, taken it into their home, taken to a rescue.


My opinion is that if you start something you should do it properly and see it to the end, quite often numerous people in an area will be feeding strays which are breeding yet if they all gave a £1 a week for a few weeks they could pay for the stray to be neutered. If people continue to turn their back or expect rescue groups to always pick up the pieces then the problems will only escalate where as if everyone pulls together and tries to make a difference we can achieve miracles.


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